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Warning Traffic Lights

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Motion Traffic Light Flash/Steady Mono C With Anti-theft bracket

• 2PCS ultra bright LEDS • Power: 1PC 4R25 6V battery • Standard lens with advanced optics • Inside switch with photocell make the light dusk on and dawn off • Steady and flash mode available • With plastic handle • Metal bracket available

Monolite TrafIlite With Bracket Flash/Steady

• led with ultimate life no need for bulb replacement • photocell • long operating llife with one battery 6 volt • continuous light operation 300 and 1200 hours flashing. • high light visibility. • safety mounting bracket • accoridng to EN 12352

Dorman Unilamp

• polyethylene base • polycarbonate lens available in different colors • operates with one battery 6 volt • krypton light with photocell • flashing mode.

Μoon TrafIlite

Construction traffic light with support bracket

Euronitra TrafIlite LED And Bracket

Traffic light suitable for construction area with battery with support bracket.

Dorman Trafi 360

polyethylene base. Polucarbonate lens available available in different colors/ 360 degrees Operates with one 6 volt battery Krypton light with photocell. Xenon discharge tube without photocell

Camplite TrafIlite With Bracket Flash/Steady

Firmly mounted bracket for attachment to vertical tubes Only one battery needed Omnidirectionel lens transparent 360° (2 LED each 90°) Automatic solar switch Dimensions without bracket: 280 x 110 x 120 mm Dimensions with bracket: 280 x 110 x 175 mm



Dorman Τrafi Emergency

Construction light CE mark. European Standards. Operates with one or two batteries 6 volt 4R25 (1200 hrs) LED light output & internal photo – cell. Two sided Lense Operational method flashing Water resistant Support bracket available

Dorman B-LITE

• available in all basic construction colors • operates in 12 volts 2 x 6 volt batteries. • xenon light circuit • polycarbonate lens • mounting bracket

E Flare EF530 Dual


HZ500 4 LED E Flare

Warning lamp for general use. • Polycarbonate 360 ​​° • Positive trigger switch • low battery indicator • Optical lens visible 2 km • advanced battery protection systems • central body of high-strength abs • insulating rubber

Dorman Sunflash

• high intensity light • operates with 2 batteries 6 volt • xenon light circuit • bio – directional • polycarbonate lens different colors available.

Dorman Sunflash Suncro

• available in all basic construction colors • operates in 12 volts 2 x 6 volt batteries. • xenon light circuit • polycarbonate lens • mounting bracket


Innovative and robust LED sequential lamp with automatic switch on when cone mounted/li> Self-synchronising lamp is designed for taper applications and incident management Each single battery lamp is fitted with a Super LED and an integrated state-of-the art infra-red transmission All lamps are identical; any lamp can be placed in any position A static amber backup light stays on during the sequential flash to provide continuous guidance to motorists at night A red LED at the rear of each lamp provides clear indication when the lamp is synchronised Quick and easy to deploy lamp with low power consumption Long operating times (up to 125 hours on a standard 6v battery) No keys or tools required to activate the lamp or to replace a battery Integrated cone bracket ensures a firm and stable cone grip with battery Premium 800: 600 hrs, with battery Konstant 45: 2000 hrs

Dorman Lamp Stop For Railways

Emergency traffic light for trains