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Warning Light Systems

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Beacon Plate With Type 2 Reflective

• Basic color white. • Two sided pointing right / left with reflective sheeting Τype ΙΙ • Weight 2.5 to 2.6 Kilos. • Warning lamps can be easily mounted onto the beacon plate. • Base from recycled material weight approximately 28 kilos.

Lamp For Skipper

LED traffic light for Skipper. Available on flashing or steady.

Electronic Arrow Dimensions 60Χ60 EL-L2H

Electronic arrow measuring 60x60cm, black frame and yellow LED in the shape of an arrow, possibility of support on a pole to point right or left, operates with a 12V battery.

Lightning Arrow 600X600X40MM MF1451

Operates with a car battery 12/ 24volts and 220 Volts. Operating time with car battery 80 hours. High intensity warning LED lights flashing type which do not burn. Electronic circuit with 3 options, and built in photocell. Position a) continuous operation. Position b) automatic operation only during night time. Position c) during day light operation of lamps is of higher intensity and automatic reduction during night.

Light Ball Halogen

With integrated vacuum blower to fill the cover within seconds Cooling of the halogen bulb by the blower, therefore extended life time Neither tools nor special knowledge necessary Suitable for the use on tripods With transport and storage box Other versions on request, also in LED-technology Diameter: 1.1 m Power of lamps: 2000 W Operating voltage: 230 V Light source: Halogen 2 x 1000 W (230 V) Illuminated area: 1500 m² Operating height: 2.5 – 5.0 m Weight: 8 kg Inflation time: 45 seconds Wind resistance: 100 km/h