DUETTA is an ideal face piece for use in paint and pesticide spraying and in the handling of chemical products. Thanks to a soft sealing flap, it seats comfortably on the face, whilst the rigid shell firmly holds the cartridges and evenly distributes their weight. DUETTA together with Spasciani snap-in cartridges series 2000 is the best value respirator. Filtering cartridges can moreover hold special pre-filters that preserve the particle filter element from a too fast clogging up when used in particularly dusty environments.

    • Half-face blank: Composite plastic material
    • Head straps: Elasticized webbing
    • Nape rest: Nylon
    • Exhalation valve: Rubber
    • Snap-in connectors: Shock & solvent resistant plastic
    • Store at temperatures between -20 and +50 °C and with RH <80%.
    • Weight: 65gr
    • EN 140:1998



Twin filter rubber half mask