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Motion Flash Steady

• 2PCS ultra bright LEDS
• Power: 1PC 4R25 6V battery
• Standard lens with advanced optics
• Inside switch with photocell make the light dusk on and dawn off
• Steady and flash mode available
• With plastic handle
• Metal bracket available
• Available in yellow, amber, green and red color.

Warning Light UNILAMP EN 12352

• polyethylene base
• polycarbonate lens available in different colors
• operates with one battery 6 volt
• krypton light with photocell
• flashing mode.

Warning Light CONILAMP EN 12352

  • Automatic switch on by putting on a cone
  • Built-in solar switch for daytime energy saving
  • No keys or tools required
  • Continuous / steady light
  • Integrated cone bracket
  • Robust design to meet harsh operational requirements
  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • with battery Premium 800: 300 hrs, with battery Konstant 25: 950 hrs, with battery Konstant 45: 1400 hrs

Warning Light MONOLITE

• led with ultimate life no need for bulb replacement
• photocell
• long operating llife with one battery 6 volt
• continuous light operation 300 and 1200 hours flashing.
• high light visibility.
• safety mounting bracket
• accoridng to EN 12352

Warning Light NITRA LED EN 12352

  • Available with firmly mounted bracket or without bracket available
  • Easy battery replacement without removing the lamp
  • Use on folding triangles without additional holder
  • Useful ring for carrying or rapid attachment
  • Automatic solar switch
  • With reflective rim
  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Steady light 850 hrs, flashing light 3400 hrs
  • According to EN 12352

Warning Light DORMAN TRAFI 360

  • polyethylene base.
  • Polucarbonate lens available available in different colors/ 360 degrees
  • Operates with one 6 volt battery
  • Krypton light with photocell. Xenon discharge tube without photocell

Warning Light TAPERLAMP SYNCRO EN 12352

  • Innovative and robust LED sequential lamp with automatic switch on when cone mounted/li>
  • Self-synchronising lamp is designed for taper applications and incident management
  • Each single battery lamp is fitted with a Super LED and an integrated state-of-the art infra-red transmission
  • All lamps are identical; any lamp can be placed in any position
  • A static amber backup light stays on during the sequential flash to provide continuous guidance to motorists at night
  • A red LED at the rear of each lamp provides clear indication when the lamp is synchronised
  • Quick and easy to deploy lamp with low power consumption
  • Long operating times (up to 125 hours on a standard 6v battery)
  • No keys or tools required to activate the lamp or to replace a battery
  • Integrated cone bracket ensures a firm and stable cone grip
  • with battery Premium 800: 600 hrs, with battery Konstant 45: 2000 hrs

Warning Light SUN FLASH

• high intensity light
• operates with 2 batteries 6 volt
• xenon light circuit
• bio – directional
• polycarbonate lens different colors available.

Warning Light SYNCRO B LITE

• available in all basic construction colors
• operates in 12 volts 2 x 6 volt batteries.
• xenon light circuit
• polycarbonate lens
• mounting bracket

Warning Light CAMPLITE

  • Firmly mounted bracket for attachment to vertical tubes
  • Only one battery needed
  • Omnidirectionel lens transparent 360° (2 LED each 90°)
  • Automatic solar switch
  • Dimensions without bracket: 280 x 110 x 120 mm
  • Dimensions with bracket: 280 x 110 x 175 mm


  • Construction light CE mark. European Standards.
  • Operates with one or two batteries 6 volt 4R25 (1200 hrs)
  • LED light output & internal photo – cell.
  • Two sided Lense
  • Operational method flashing
  • Water resistant
  • Support bracket available


• electronic signal light baton
• total length – 530mm
• weight – 140 gr
• diameter – 30mm
• operates on 2 x 1,5 volt battery
• used by – police, fire dept, airports, ports etc


Warning traffic light ideal for school crossings, factories, construction site etc.
Yellow / yellow flash mode
Light diameter 15cm
Made from polycarbonate material which is rigid to all weather conditions
220 volts


Traffic light for general use – ideal for garages, loading bays, ports etc. Red / greem with stop – go switch constructed from polycarbonate material which is rigid and withstands hard condition.
Lens diameter 15cm
220 volt


Solar light with photocell.
During the day – light the systems battery charges even in cloudy conditions and operates for 60 hours continuously in darkness.
• water resistant
• 5 year battery lilfe
• visibility 1 000 meters
• polycarbonate lens
• easy installation
• used by ports , docks , ships, antennas, and a variety of other applications