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Helmets Αccessories

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S31N Sweatband For Helmet 1100/1125

Comfortable replacement sweatband with 2mm foam. Black brushed Nylon, soft to the skin, laminated to 2mm foam

S31P Sweatband For Concept Helmet

Comfortable PVC replacement sweatband for Centurion Helmet.

S31F Sweatband For Helmet Concept

Comfortable replacement sweatband for Centurion Helmet.

S30E Υποσιάγωνο Elasticated EN397 Για Κράνος

Two points chinstrap according to EN 397

S31W Ανθιδρωτικό Vabon Short Για Κράνος Centurion

Comfortable replacement sweatband for Centurion Helmet.

S30HIRS Set Reflective Tapes For Concept

Set of spare parts for Centurion helmets.

Jockey Covers S18

Replacement bump cap cover

S30 LBCC Lamp Bracket & Cable Clip

Bracket and clip accessory to allow the fitment of lamps to the Concept safety Helmet Helmets still approved to electrical resistance option within EN 397 when fitted as no metal parts or riveting to shell due to simple but strong adhesive backing (non vented helmet only) Helmet not approved to Molten Metal when lamp bracket and cable clip fitted Weight: 16g

S30LY Chinstrap 4 Point ΕΝ397 For Centurion Helmet

Ergonomic design chinstrap accorid to EN 397

Helmet Carrying Bag

Helmet carrying bag

PA45BKR Sweatband For Helmet PW

Replacement sweatband

S30NY Chinstrap 4 Point ΕΝ12492 For Nexus Helmet

Υποσιάγωνο 4 σημείων για κράνος Nexus σύμφωνα με το ΕΝ12492.

S51HV Sun Cape High Visibility

Lightweight Sun Cape that protects against UltraViolet UPF 50+, blocks 98% of UV radiation. Using fabric developed specifically to keep the wearer dry, cool and comfortable. Available in Bright Yellow or Orange Fits to all Centurion helmets CE Approved to fit all Centurion Helmets. Material: 100% Polyester Weight: 36.5g

S36 Aluminum Neck Protective Cover

Complementing the Vulcan high temperature Helmet, this Aluminium Neck Cape ensures maximum heat dissipation from the wearer. Material approved to EN 532:1995 (flammability) and Thermal tests (EN 407:2004) and against Molten Metal splash. Refer to data sheet for full test approvals

S30DCHS Dry Cooling Kalis

This new patent pending Dry Cooling technology, designed by Centurion Safety Products, utilising Inuteq technology, provides enhanced cooling comfort for the wearer as it is 100% dry and cools the head down to 15°C below ambient temperature. The revolutionary technology is activated with a small amount of water and re-activation is only required every 1-3 days (dependant on humidity and airflow).