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Wheel Stopper

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OCS002/DW-Q04 Parkit 60X12X10

Car wheel stoppers with two refelctive stripe eco series. Dimesions: Height – 10cm Width – 12cm Length – 60cm

OCS001/DW-Q017 Parkit 55X15X10

• Μanufactured from 100% recycled tires • Superior construction ensures that park it will not war, crack or rot. • Easy handling and storage • Easy installation even by one person • Resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil and extreme temperature variations • Flexible design allows conformity to the contour of virtually any road surface. • Dimensions 10cm high x 15cm width x 90cm, 120cm and 180cm length

OCS005/DWQ09-2 Parkit 183X15X10

Width: 15 cm Height: 10 cm Length: 90 cm Weight: 15 kg Sockets for 3 support points.

OCS005/DWQ09-2 Parkit 183X15X10

Width: 150 mm Height: 100 mm Length: 1800 mm Weight: 15 kg