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Split Leather Gloves

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Split Leather Gloves 1015 RFG 3-1-4-3

Canadian type, grey split leather, palm lined, with green split leather reinforcement in the palm, over the thumb and forefinger as well. CE certified, EN 420, EN 388 (3-1-4-3)

Cowhide Gloves 9001 With Nitrile

Nitrile impregnated brown white back and safety cuff length 24-26cm according to EN 388 (3-1-2-1)

Cowhide Leather Gloves 3109B/3110B

Sheep leather, interlock back in blue colour, elastic band stitched inside back, Available sizes: No9 & No10. EN 388 (2-1-1-1)

Cow Split Leather Canvas Gloves 275RJ 4-1-4-3

Inexpensive model Reinforced cow split leather palm Split leather knuckle protection and fingertips Canvas jeans back Completely lined on palm Cow split leather thumb and index Internal elastic cuff CE certificated, EN 420, EN388 (4-1-4-3)

Nappa Leather - Canvas Glove 2-1-2-2-

Reinforced nappa leather palm Suede knuckle protector and fingertips Cotton canvas back Palm entirely lined with cotton Suede thumb and index Wing thumb Internal elastic cuff CE certified, EN 420, EN 388 (2-1-2-1)

Cowhide Gloves 7104 3-4-4-4 N.10

Glove with crust leather palm, canvas back and cuff. Reinforced palm, thumb and forefinger CE certified, EN 420, EN 388 (3-4-4-4)

Cow Split Leather Gloves 603 P/A/A 4-2-4-3-4

• Cow split leather palm • Green patched-palm on forefinger and thumb, too • Fist, nail and vein protection • Canvas back, laminated cuff • Cotton palm lining • Extra strong • A quality • EN388: (4-2-3-4)