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Protective Wall And Corner Fenders

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Elastic Corner Fender With Reflective 5202

Height: 80 cm Width: 10 cm Thickness: 10 mm

Elastic Corner Fender With Reflective 5202

Height: 80 cm Width: 10 cm Thickness: 10 mm

OCS002/DW-Q04 Parkit 60X12X10

Car wheel stoppers with two refelctive stripe eco series. Dimesions: Height – 10cm Width – 12cm Length – 60cm

Corner Foam Protector PU4015

Adhesive and washable foam protection. Full shocks protections in dangerous corners. • available in black – yellow color • easy to place • dimension 1m or 33cm

OCS001/DW-Q017 Parkit 55X15X10

• Μanufactured from 100% recycled tires • Superior construction ensures that park it will not war, crack or rot. • Easy handling and storage • Easy installation even by one person • Resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil and extreme temperature variations • Flexible design allows conformity to the contour of virtually any road surface. • Dimensions 10cm high x 15cm width x 90cm, 120cm and 180cm length

Side Foam Protector PU3540

Adhesive and washable foam protection. Easy to stick on a wall thanks to high quality adhesive tape 3m. • available in black – yellow & red – white color • dimension 20 x 35 cm

Wheel Stoppe Choc 290X190X160MM

Rubber wheel chock Dimensions 1) 20 x 10 x 15cm weight 1,9 kilos 2) 20 x 12 x 18cm weight 3,1 kilos

OCS005/DWQ09-2 Parkit 183X15X10

Width: 15 cm Height: 10 cm Length: 90 cm Weight: 15 kg Sockets for 3 support points.

Side Protector With Reflective Tapes

Wall fender which reduces by a large extent damages caused on the vehicles door when in contact with a hard surface such as a wall. Made from rubber One yellow stripe to make the system visible Dimensions – 30mm x 150mm x 800mm length

Ελαστική Ράμπα Πεζοδρομίου 500X380X150

Ελαστική ράμπα πεζοδρομίου κατάλληλη για χρήση σε εξωτερικό χώρο. Διαστάσεις: Μήκος: 50 εκατοστά Πλάτος: 38 εκατοστά Ύψος: 15 εκατοστά

Slip Resistant Elastic Mat 1000X800X50

Slip resistant surface made of rubber material Surface dimensions 0,8 x 100 x 0,05cm Ideal for use of road ramps, garage ramps etc.

Quick Marker System

• Reflective German Road Marker which base is made out of thermoplastic material. • The base has plug opening for reflective flag. • Base dimensions 1000 x 250 45mm

OCS005/DWQ09-2 Parkit 183X15X10

Width: 150 mm Height: 100 mm Length: 1800 mm Weight: 15 kg

Corner Foam Protector PU10025

Foam corner protector suitable for closed parking spaces to prevent damage when you get out of your car.

Kerb Access Ramp

Access ramp made of recycled rubber for private and public use Dimensions – width 50cm x length 50cm x 1-15cm high Weight – 4 kilos