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Removable Pavement Bollard Yel/Black

They are easy to use, such as parking lot, supermarket, etc. With eye-catching reflective. Made by advanced technology, not easy to be out of shape because they are made of steel material. Diameter: 114mm Height: 500mm Weight: 2.9 kg

Pavement Bollard 47cm

Material: Composite Measure: 24 x 24 x 47 cm Color: Μάυρο Weight: 7 Kg ± 0,1 Kg

Retractable Bollard

Road Barrier is widely used on the walking street. It can prevent the vehicles form entering into the street when it stand up, and if there is some emergency accidents (for example: fire, accident, etc), it can hide into the ground and the cars can pass the entrance smoothly. • Material – stainless steel • Diameter – φ 219mm • Height – 500mm Operation 1. Insert the key and turn clockwise 2. Step the bollard down to the ground 3. Bollard locks automatically when in retractable position. 4. Insert key and turn clockwise the bollard automatically rises to its initial position