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Fall Arrest System

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PROT 3 + AZ011 + AZ002AS 2 m

Work positioning device PROT 3 comes with steel connectors AZ 002 (opening: 19mm) and AZ 011 (opening: 18mm). According to EN 358, 2m length.

Horizontal anchor line (horizontal belay line) with adjustable length + Bag

Horizontal anchor line (horizontal belay line) with adjustable length. The set includes two steel AZ 060 snap fasteners and a transport bag. For use during work that requires frequent movement in the horizontal plane. The AE 320 complies with the requirements of EN 795 type B (portable equipment anchor points). The AE 320 device is designed to protect 3 people simultaneously. Material: webbing - polyester / lashandng - galvanandcally protected steel agaandnst corrosandon Lenght: 10 m Weight: 4,00 kg

Escape System With Carrying Bag AR010 20 m

Rescue descending device can be used in following situations: an acident has occured and the injured or unconscious worker can not rescue himself from the height a fall stoped by fall arrest system has occured and the worker hangs and can not reach the pernament construction, the worker has to be lowered Rescue descender device MK II intended to rescue people from height. Rescue device MK II is sold as a set which includes: descender device working rope diameter 11 mm three snap hooks webbing sling transport bag knife