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Body And Eye Washers

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Portable Bottle

Eyewash bottle with wall fixing the bottle can be filled with 500ml of liquid use: to rince eyes immediatelly in case of accidental penetration of a foreign body or liquid.

ART 1100/250 Wall Mounting Eye Washer

Removable shower with wall-mounting for the best result we suggest to operate with 1 bar.

ART 1100/300 Wall Mounting Eye Washer

Wall mounted eye washer

ART 1100/250 Floor Mounting Eye Washer

Wall mounting eye wash fountain

ART 1100/250 Portable Eye Washer

Portable pressurized eye wash tank. Easy to move and store. Manual opening of eye shower.

ART 1100/380 Floor Mounting Eye Washer/Shower

Safety shower / eyewash system with three controls: safety shower manual opening, eye wash panel opening, eye wash manual opening.