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Ear Plugs

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Ωτοβύσματα EP02 SNR36

Χρησιμοποιώντας ανθεκτικό αφρώδες υλικό που μπορεί να φορμαριστεί στο περίγραμμα του αυτιού. Εύκολη τοποθέτηση και αφαίρεση. Εξαιρετική προστασία. Κάθε ζεύγος είναι μέσα σε επανασφραγιζόμενο polybag υγιεινής. EN 352-2 SNR 36dB CE Certified

Ear Plugs BBEPN SNR 34

Foam disposable ear plugs according to EN 352-2, directive 89/686/eec snr -34db (h)36 (m)34 (l)33

Ear Plugs Midi Plug

Two ear plugs design ensuring the required acoustic seal for reliable protection. SNR=19 DB. Conforms to EN 352-2

Ear Plugs BBCEP Corded

Corded foam disposable ear plugs according to EN 352-2, directive 89/686/eec snr -37db (h)36 (m)34 (l)33

Ear Plugs BBDCEP Detectable Corded

Corded foam disposable ear plugs according to EN 352-2, directive 89/686/eec snr -37db (h)36 (m)34 (l)33 with detectable brass metal safety component

Banded Ear Plugs EP16

Banded ear plugs, light and comfortable. Ideal for intermittent use. Soft disposable PU plugs. Replacement plugs available. Easy to replace. Features CE-CAT III Individually packed for vending machines One pair per hang cell (stored in hygienic polybag) Retail bag which aids presentation for retail sales

Ear Plugs Rockets 30db Corded

• Suited to protect against long term exposure Rockets Cord are made of soft material which is gentle on the skin. • The Rockets Cord come in a handy storage container to keep the plugs hygienic between use. • Easy insertion due to the solid handle. • SNR 30 db

Ear Plugs Airsoft 30db Corded

AIRSOFT (NRR27) features a shell of soft attenuating material around a pocket of air that is comfortable enough for extended wear. The highest rated reusable earplug available. Washes with soap and water for months of protection. Attenuation tested in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974. Blue color. Available in clear flip-top boxes or safety impact cases, packed in a dispenser box. EN 352-2:1993 SNR 30 db

Ear Plugs SF-30 Smart Fit Corded

• Patented Conforming Material Technology uses body heat to adapt to shape of wearer’s ear canal. • Delivers superior comfort and a truly individual fit. • Detachable cord system and storage case. • SNR 30 DB • Conforms to EN352-2

Banded Ear Plugs BBBEP

Extremely Light Comfortable to wear Soft absorbent foam caps Worn under the chin or behind the neck EN352-2:2002 SNR 21dB, H=24, M=16, L=14

Earplugs BBEP500R Refill 500 Pairs

Free standing or wall mounted, easy twist action dispencer, bottle rotates and unscrews easily for refilling contains 1000 pairs ear plugs refill bag and refill bottle also available seperately both containing 1000 pairs. Snr -34db EN 352-1

Ear Plugs Dispenser

Επιτραπέζιο ή επίτοιχο stand ωτοασπίδων με μηχανισμό απελευθέρωσης βυσμάτων με κυκλική κίνηση. Το σύστημα μπορεί να επανατροφοδοτηθεί εύκολα ξεβιδώνοντας την μπουκάλα. Περιέχει 500 ζευγάρια αναλώσιμα ωτοβίσματα. Η επανατροφοδότηση της μπουκάλας ή σακούλας περιλαμβάνει 500 ζευγ. Snr -34db EN 352-1